By CRM staff 

Toronto, Ontario -- March 14, 2019 -- Collision Repair has prepared the top five unbelievable stories of the week! From a new feature created by Toyota to scare away carjackers to a vehicle sculpted out of snow, plus much much more! 

Toyota's Tear-gas

Toyota has come out with a patent that is sure to scare away any carjackers. The new system will release tear gas into the car if it suspects the vehicle is being stolen. The new system is designed to automatically detect who is getting into the vehicle through their mobile device, and then dispense that driver’s preferred fragrance. When the driver leaves their Toyota, a deodorizer will turn on and make sure the scent is neutral for whoever may climb aboard the vehicle next.


After a weekend of heavy snowfall, one family in Nebraska decided to spend their afternoon making a snow replica of their 1967 Ford Mustang GTA that was parked on the side of the road, outside their house. They used a skid loader, concrete wood floats, shovels, ice scrapers, and a squirt bottle to create the Mustang, now known on social media as the #SnowPony. The car was an exact replica all the way up to the measurements of the vehicle. Nebraska state patrol Sgt. Mick Downing spotted the snow car and recorded himself giving the snow sculpture a tow notice. Although Downing never actually followed through with the paperwork for the towing notice because he said it would have never held up in court.

Scary Snow

Edmonton man, Steven Page was planning on competing in the Yukon Arctic Ultra last month until he suffered from a terrifying collision while driving to Whitehorse for the race. Dash cam footage from Page’s vehicle shows him driving near Fort Nelson, B.C. with his cruise control set to 80 km/h. While driving down the snowy road he notices a vehicle off to the side in the ditch and then the visibility became worse and out of nowhere, he hit a semi-truck that was traveling at a slow pace with no lights on. Page also told CBC News that the truck didn’t stop after and didn’t have a license plate. Page’s vehicle was completely wrecked, and he was pinned inside his own truck with flames and smoke coming from the hood. But he managed to get out of the vehicle safely with minor injuries.

Kia's Imagine Concept

Kia’s new electric vehicle concept used words like emotion and surprise to describe the new features within it. I think the biggest surprise of this new vehicle is the 21 flat angled screens that are placed all along the dash of the vehicle. The other interior features of the vehicle include the “shockwave” faceted design on the silk and leather seats. The vehicle also has a floating centre console, that creates more storage space underneath making it the “frunk.”

Dollar Tree Crash

An elderly woman reversed her car a bit too much on Saturday afternoon when she crashed right into the Dollar Tree in Welland, Ont. She had crashed into five other vehicles before backing right into the store. The vehicle went three lengths into the building, passing right by the checkout area. A Dollar Tree cashier and a child in the front of the store selling cookies dodged the vehilce.


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