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By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – March 13, 2019 – Many OEMs are turning the tables and looking to reduce the use of carbon emissions. The Volkswagen Group recently announced its plans to go carbon neutral by 2050.

The CEO of the carmaker Herbert Diess says that the company’s cars caused one percent of global carbon dioxide emissions and that they aim to reduce that to zero.

The Group is planning to launch almost 70 new electric models in the next ten years – instead of the 50 previously planned. As a result, the projected number of vehicles to be built on the Group’s electric platforms in the next decade will increase from 15 million to 22 million.

The company is also working on reducing the carbon emissions within its factories by using renewable energy all the way through production to recycling.

But with this transformation to electric vehicles, Volkswagen is also looking at cutting up to 7,000 jobs by 2023. The company also said that about 11,000 of its employees will be eligible for retirement in the coming years and it expects to achieve the bulk of the cuts through attrition.


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