Collision Repair -- March 11, 2019 -- This week, Collision Repair will publish a series of pieces highlighting key findings from of a major report from AutoHouse Technologies on the performance of Canadian collision facilities in 2018. Today, in the first part of the series, we take a closer look at some of the big takeaways from the report's look at cycle times in Canadian repair facilities.

In its in-depth analysis of the Canadian collision industry, AutoHouse Technologies found that the average facility's cycle time in 2018 was 11.7 days long--about 0.8 days longer than in 2017.

To be counted among the top ten percent of performers, AutoHouse says that facilities should aim to keep their cycle time below just 7.1 days, 40 percent lower than the average.

For more information on regional differences between cycle times in Eastern and Western Canada, and a look at how much time vehicles spend in each repair stage, check out the full report.

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