Collision Repair -- March 8, 2019 -- This week, Collision Repair will publish a series of pieces highlighting key findings from of a major report from AutoHouse Technologies on the performance of Canadian collision facilities in 2018.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen by AutoHouse Technologies to serve as the exclusive media partner for this report,” said Collision Repair editor Gideon Scanlon. “AutoHouse’s findings provide the Canadian collision community an unparalleled look at the performance of the average facility.”

Compiled by the team at AutoHouse Technologies, the benchmark report comprehensive look at the average cycle time, sales, touch time and gross profit of Canadian facilities last year.

“We believe that operational performance is going to determine who succeeds in this industry,” said AutoHouse president Mike Gilliland. “This report provides a simple way for repairers to compare their own performance to market averages.”

AutoHouse began working on the study after numerous customers requested information about the average Canadian collision repair business.

“The report is based on the operations of hundreds of Canadian repairers using our generis performance management software. We’ve removed any outliers and anomalies that may influence findings and we’re confident in those results. We’ve had the capability to provide benchmarks within a specified peer group; we’ve now expanded that functionality to a national level,” said AutoHouse’s manager of client services Rebecca Fyfe.

One of the most intriguing findings of the study is that top-performing facilities process repairs at almost twice the speed of the average. “This should be a concerning statistic to repairers with no insight or focus on operational performance,” said Gilliland.


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