By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- February 26, 2019 --  With autonomous vehicles on the horizon, Canada has been proactive in ensuring that the proper economic and safety precautions are taken. 

Last month Transport Canada announced changes to the 10-year automated vehicle pilot program that was launched in 2016. The new changes which will allow the testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads in Ontario has the Government of Canada creating more public awareness.

The Government of Canada announced the release of two new documents detailing more information around automated and connected vehicles. According to Transport Canada, automated and connected vehicles have the potential to decrease collisions and increase mobility while offering economic and environmental benefits to the country.

The documents Canada's Safety Framework for Automated and Connected Vehicles, and Safety Assessment for Automated Driving Systems in Canada were released to help the industry accelerate the safe introduction of automated and connected vehicles on Canadian roads.

"The release of the Safety Framework and Safety Assessment is a positive step in the development of autonomous vehicle technologies for Canada on a North American basis given the nature of the integrated automotive industry. We support a national framework that promotes innovation while maintaining the safety of Canadian roads and passengers," said Mark Nantais president of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association

However, these are not the first documents released about the advanced vehicle technology. In June of last year, Transport Canada released Testing Highly Automated Vehicles in Canada: Guidelines for Trial Organizations and just last month the council of ministers responsible for transportation and highway safety released Automated and Connected Vehicles Policy Framework for Canada.



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