By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- February 21, 2019 -- According to Simplicity Car Care vice president Domenic Prochilo, the company’s start-up of monthly workshops has been helping bodyshops and their franchisees turnaround their cycle times and improve their overall business.

Prochilo told Collision Repair that he studied the anatomy of a claim and came up with four pillars that would help a collision repair business succeed. With these pillars, he mapped out a series of monthly workshops, webinars, and programs bodyshops can follow to improve their repairs, cycle time, estimating, scheduling and much more.

 “These workshops will share how your shop can fix more cars without adding more resources because everyone wants an affordable repair,” he explained.

The company ran their first workshop, Advanced Repair Planning in January and had an excellent turnout.

“I was very happy with the size of the class, it was very interactive,” said Prochilo.

 Simplicity just hosted the Fundamentals of Estimating for the central Greater Toronto Area and will be hosting another workshop on February 26 to 27 for south-west Ontario.

As for the next few months, Prochilo said they will be hosting a regional Advanced Estimating workshop which will show people where the industry is going in terms of the technological advancements with appraisals. 

In April, Prochilo has planned for a Net Profit Performance workshop which is essentially an accounting class for bodyshops. Fast forward to May and the monthly campaign will be showing collision repairers Simplicity's scheduling platforms.

For more information on these workshops and how to register, visit


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