By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario -- February 4, 2019 -- Wedge Clamp has hired Emilio Perez as its first full-time U.S. Technical Sales Manager.

Perez, who is a certified collision repair technician, has used the Wedge Clamp system for over 15 years and has worked for the company as a part-time agent and trainer.

In his new role, Perez will be responsible for both selling the distribution systems to shops throughout the U.S., as well as training their employees to use them.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with the Wedge Clamp System,” says Perez. “It’s easy, fast and convenient, and hangs on the wall when you’re done. A lot of techs are used to a dedicated bench. My job will be to show them the many Wedge Clamp advantages.”

Along with manufacturing its innovative anchoring, pulling and measuring system, Wedge Clamp is a global distributor of the Stat-Gun anti-static air gun, the nitrogen-based NitroHeat spraypaint system, the NitroWeld plastic welding system, and the Eclipse laser frame measuring system.


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