By Lindsey Cooke

Toronto, Ontario – January 30, 2019 -- What does it take to own a business? How does one rise to the top? It’s interesting to read and hear stories about the success of business owners and Bret Greenwood is one of them. Having served as president of the TED Group of Companies for the past three years, Bret has conquered every position through the company, climbing his way to the top. The TED Group owns four brands which include, Rondex, Canada Car Color, ABS Warehouse, and Can-West Supply. Collision Repair caught up with Greenwood to get some insight on how the company has grown so fast.

Collision Repair: How did you first start out with the TED Group of Companies?

Bret Greenwood: Well technically I was 10 years old, my dad had me mixing paint at Rondex in Winnipeg. This was when we only had the one Rondex location. Fast forward to the year 2000, when I had graduated and started working full time. There isn’t one thing that I didn’t do from the time I started. From 10-years-old until now, I’ve held every position. Paint mixer, delivery driver, shipper/receiver, inside sales, store manager, purchasing, sales rep, VP sales and marketing and now the president. The TED Group was officially born only three years ago, and that was after 10 years of us growing and expanding the business. Now we have four brands and 10 locations across western Canada!  

Collision Repair: What do you find are some challenges in the industry right now?  

Bret Greenwood: With our company growing so fast, the biggest challenge we face would be finding good people and ones that understand the trade and the demands of our customers. They must be forward thinking, technical and up to speed with our market changes. They need to be able to thrive in a consolidated and disrupted market. 

Collision Repair: What are some aspects within your business that are going well? 

Bret Greenwood:  We act as extensions to our customers. The fact that we offer a true one-stop shopping experience for our customers is truly unique. This includes everything from bodyshop design and layout, KPI reporting, VMI and the most productive paint lines on the market. We help our customers paint more cars and make more money. 

Collision Repair: What are some tips you would give to other business owners, or people just starting out?

Bret Greenwood: Break the rules, when you break the rules you stand out.


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