By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- January 11, 2019-- A concept vehicle that can climb up a five-foot wall or step over a five-foot gap while keeping passengers level has won recognition at the CES 2019 technology conference.

The Hyundai Elevate was one of three designs to win the Edmunds Tech Driven Awards at the Las Vegas showcasing event.

Edmunds’ award honours the most forward-thinking innovations announced at the show.

The Elevate blends technology found in electric cars and robots, and looks something like a cross between a NASA rover and a Star Wars prop.

The South Korean manufacturer said the Elevate, an Ultimate Mobility Vehicle, was designed to offer drivers capabilities denied to even the most advanced off-road cars and trucks.

The electric vehicle has the capability to switch out various bodies depending on the situation.

Its robotic legs allow for five degrees of freedom and feature wheel hub propulsion motors.

But these can be folded away, allowing the Elevate to safely drive at highway speeds.

With its ability to scale walls and step over gaps, the car is expected to provide much-needed flexibility for first responders in disaster zones or in other dangerous terrain.

Hyundai’s vice president and head of CRADLE, John Suh, added that the vehicle could also be used by “anyone facing accessibility challenges”.

He added: "We are honoured to be recognised with an Edmunds CES Tech Driven Award and are excited to continue introducing technology that has the potential to expand and redefine mobility."


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