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Toronto, Ontario -- January 7, 2019 -- Toyota has announced its best ever year in Canada after selling 231,646 vehicles in 2018. 

That figure is up 3.2 per cent on 2017 thanks in part to a spectacular December that saw sales of 15,865 units – a 25.8 per cent increase on the previous year.

Another highlight for the distributor of the Japanese-designed vehicles is a 17.9 per cent increase in hybrid sales, including a 51.6 per cent rise in Prius sales.

In December alone, Prius sales were up 88.8 percent on last year.

Hybrids now represent 10.3 per cent of all Toyota Canada sales, with 23,909 Toyota and Lexus units bought in 2018.

Overall Lexus sales, however, are down 2.6 per cent – but 2018 remains the second-best year ever for Toyota’s luxury car brand in Canada.

The Toyota RAV4 crossover SUV, meanwhile, showed a rise in sales of 8.8 per cent – its best performance ever.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada has already begun production of the new RAV4 at its plant in Woodstock, Ontario and will be adding additional production at one of its Cambridge, Ontario plants early this year.

Larry Hutchinson, president and CEO of Toyota Canada Inc., said, "We'd like to give a big shout out to our dealers and customers across Canada - without them, this fantastic year would not have been possible.”

He added: “Moving into 2019, I believe we have even more to look forward to. The launch of the Lexus UX and all new models of the Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Corolla will highlight what should be another great year for Toyota Canada."


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