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By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- January 7, 2019 -- Polyvance has launched its very own smartphone app designed to help technicians quickly identify plastics and their proper repair method.

The app contains four main sections which includes, Plastics Identification, Standard Operating Procedures, Videos, and Welder Companion.

  • Plastics Identification – a list of the most common plastic ID symbols, detailing what they are, where they are found, and how to repair them.
  • Standard Operating Procedures – takes the user step-by-step through how to use Polyvance products.
  • Videos – puts the industry-leading Polyvance plastic repair video tutorial library in the user’s fingertips.
  • Welder Companion – complete information about Polyvance’s nitrogen plastic welders. Quick-start guides, general troubleshooting guides, and welder FAQs can be found in this section.

The app is compatible with Apple products and Android phones as well as tablets. The app may be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

More information about the Polyvance app can be found at www.polyvance.com/mobile.


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