By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- January 7, 2019 -- The Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) has officially launched its Automotive Service Associate Program (ASAP) to help automotive service professionals access a range of solutions critical to their businesses success.

The program offers a number of benefits including, tailored research at the shop-level, training events geared to management and technical issues facing repair shops, a national shop finder service, financial services for shop customers, and technical expertise on vehicle reprogramming among other perks.

It is also specifically designed to be inclusive of all aftermarket shops.

"We are seeing the arrival of a fundamental change in the vehicle maintenance and repair environment, where electronics, telematics and vehicle data are rapidly forming the heart of the diagnosis process," says Andrew Shepherd, senior director of Industry Programs, AIA Canada. "Aftermarket service providers are going to need a connection to new training and new equipment, but more importantly a connection to a community where challenges can be faced and solutions can be developed. ASAP is that community."

The launch of ASAP gives AIA Canada the ability to achieve the inclusion of all segments of the aftermarket, ensuring that all industry stakeholders play an active role in the growth, prosperity, and future of the industry.

"AIA Canada has a long history of expanding its reach in the automotive aftermarket," explains Jean-François Champagne, president, AIA Canada. "It is now time to embrace the next logical steps to better engage automotive service providers who are an important stakeholder in the sustainability of the aftermarket."


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