By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- January 4, 2019 -- As time progresses so do the advancements in technology, and the event that demonstrates it every year is the Consumer Electronic Show. This year’s show has quite the agenda with various OEMs displaying their latest concepts on self-driving cars, flying cars, and even walking cars?!

Walking Car

Hyundai announced that they will be presenting a robotic electric vehicle prototype that will take people where no vehicle has been before. The vehicle is titled, Elevate and it is shown as having four robotic legs with wheels. This vehicle can walk, drive and even climb.

Flying Car

The other wild concept is the flying cars. NFT Inc. has developed a flying vehicle in Israel and California, and will be displaying their vision on Jan. 7, in Las Vegas. The NFT vehicle has a projected price tag of $50,000 and will function as a car, but one that can also take flight. The vehicle will have a driving range of 62 miles (100 km) or a flying range of 310 miles (500 km), or combination of flying and driving at lesser ranges.

Audi’s ICE

Audi, with the help of Disney, will have a more enhanced feature within its autonomous vehicle -- In-Car Entertainment. They will be showing off their entertainment concept where the driver can essentially watch movies while on the road.

BMW’s Vision iNEXT

BMW has a similar concept in mind as Audi; except instead of watching movies, they want drivers to feel productive. With their autonomous vehicle they’re going to show off their Vision iNEXT concept, which will give drivers the opportunity to do a variety of things including shopping, video conference calls, and controlling smart home functions.

Bosch’s Electric Shuttle

This company is going to be showing off their driverless electric shuttle. This technology will allow vehicle to vehicle communication, which in the long-run will prevent accidents and inform vehilces of changing traffic conditions.



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