By Lindsey Cooke

Toronto, Ontario -- January 3, 2019 -- From vehicles ramming into buildings to objects flying all over the highway, here are the crazies automotive stories of the week!

Same Incident Different Year.

A house in Ottawa is undergoing some major repairs from having a vehicle ram into it--the second one to collide with the home in as many years! The first incident happened in 2016, when a truck plunged into the house. The second incident occurred just last week, when police put their sirens on to pull over a vehicle but the driver attempted to escape and ended up crashing into the house. The man was taken into the hospital but is now in custody.


Grab and Go

Early in the morning on January 1, police in London, Ontario were called to an LCBO because a pair of thieves drove their car numerous times into the side of the building, breaking the windows and overall creating a hole in the store. They entered the store and stole an unknown amount of liquor. The thieves then abandoned the vehicle in the store and took off, causing roughly $100,000 worth of damage to the building.


Highway Horrors

A couple driving on Highway 410 in Brampton, Ontario are lucky to be alive, after a sheet of plywood flew off an unsecured vehicle and smashed into their windshield on Wednesday. The couple suffered from some injuries including cuts to their faces. Ontario provincial police officer, Sgt. Kerry Schmidt tweeted about the accident, stating that they are still investigating whose vehicle the wood came from. He also tweeted warning the public to make sure that any loads strapped to the back of vehicles should be properly secured.


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