By CRM staff
Toronto, Ontario -- December 27, 2018 -- Collision Repair has prepared some of the top unbelievable stories of the week! Thousands of dollars were spilled all over a highway in New Jersey plus a repair shop is giving back by selling away a vehicle for one dollar! 
Tunnel Vision
A Slovakia man survived after flipping his BMW rolling into a tunnel. Police released the footage a day after the incident stating that the 44-year-old was probably falling asleep behind the wheel and had his vehicle launched inside the Borik tunnel.
Time-Wasting 911 Calls in Canada
A British Columbia based call centre, E-Comm has revealed the top ten ridiculous 911 phone calls they have received over the past year. Believe it or not but five of the top ten calls had to do with vehicular concerns. The calls were:
1) To complain that a gas station attendant put the wrong type of gas in their car.
2) To report a rental company provided the wrong-sized vehicle for a customer’s reservation.
3) To ask for help turning off their car lights.
4) To report their vehicle’s windshield wipers had stopped working.
5) To find out where their car had been towed.
Cash Spill
Over $500,000 dollars worth of cash flew out of a Brink's truck on a highway in New Jersey last week. Police say that one of the doors on the truck had a malfunction and wasn't completely secure resulting in thousands of dollars in cash escapping and flying all over the highway. This then caused a chain reaction of collisions. Many drivers stopped in the middle of the highway to claim some of the cash. Footage released of the incident shows the driver from the Brinks truck dodging vehicles on the highway trying to pick up all the bills that had fallen on the highway. 
Although over $200,000 was recovered at the scene, and more than $100,000 has been returned in the days since then, there is still 188,000 missing. 
Police are urging people to come forward if they have picked up any of the cash and they won't be prosecuted, but anyone that has has been seen on the highway surveillance taking money who doesnt turn it in could be arrested.


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