Mirka Canada president Edward John Booth, centre, and the Mirka Canada team celebrate milestone anniversaries for both the company, and its company and its Finland-based parent company.

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- December 11, 2018 -- This week, Mirka Canada staff held a special dual-birthday celebration. Staff marked both the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Finland-based parent company Mirka, and for the the Canadian subsidiary, which turns 10 early next year.

"Happy 75th to our parent company, and happy 10th birthday to Mirka Canada," Edward John Booth, the president of Mirka Canada who has headed up the subsidiary for the full duration of its life. "Thank you to our team and our customers ! Merci!"

Founded just two years after repulsing an invasion by the Red Army in 1941, Mirka's success in dark times has long been a symbol of the resiliance of the Finnish economy as-a-whole.

In the seven-and-a-half years that followed, Mirka didn't just survive, it thrived. While the company's headquarters remain in Finland, today, just three percent of its products are sold there. The remaining 97 percent of its products are sold in through its 18 regional subsidiaries located in Europe, Middle East, the America and Asia.

One of those subsidiaries, Mirka Canada, was founded in 2009. It is best known to the Canadian collision community for its range of sanding systems and power tools.

For more information, visit: mirka.com/en-CA/ca/.


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