By CRM Staff 

Toronto, Ontario -- December 6, 2018 –Atlantic Canadian drivers are leading the way when it comes to being prepared for this year’s winter driving conditions.

According to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada’s (TRAC) winter tire study, 94 percent of Atlantic Canada drivers are using winter tires. Since last year, winter tire usage in the region is up eleven percent.

In response to a survey conducted by Ledger, 90 percent of Atlantic Canadians said their tires have saved them from a hazardous driving situation, including loss of control or a collision.

Atlantic Canada currently boasts the highest winter tire usage in the country, outside of Quebec where winter tires are mandatory by law.

“When it comes to understanding the safety and performance benefits of winter tires, Atlantic Canadian drivers are the most sophisticated in Canada,” TRAC says.

The current winter tire use rate in Canada is 76 percent, representing a 13 percent increase from last year. Alberta has the third highest winter usage rate at 70 percent followed by British Columbia at 64 percent, and Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario at 60 percent.

According to the study this year’s top consumer motivations for buying winter tires are as follows: winter tire laws (34 percent), family and friend advice (17 percent), lower auto insurance premiums (11 percent), and positive media coverage (seven percent).

Quebec’s Winter Tire Report in 2011 showed that universal winter tire use has resulted in a five percent reduction in road accident injuries and a three percent reduction in deaths and serious injuries.

In order to be best prepared for this year’s winter conditions the TRAC is recommending drivers to equip their vehicle with the latest in winter tire technology in order to dramatically improve the traction and braking capabilities of your car.

“Advances in tread design and rubber compounds ensure these new tires retain elasticity and offer superior traction and stopping power at temperatures at or below seven degrees Celsius,” TRAC says.


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