By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- November 27, 2018 -- It’s nothing new that distracted driving is a contributing factor to collisions. But the rate of distracted drivers has been on the rise especially in Saskatchewan, reaching a record number of 793 tickets that have been issued in the month of October.

In 2017, distracted driving was the cause of more than 6,000 collisions, contributing to the deaths of 26 people and more than 950 injuries.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) released a statement explaining there was 793 distracted driving tickets reported by police in October. This includes 688 cellphone tickets, and 105 tickets for driving without paying attention. This is the highest number reported in a single month in the history of Traffic Safety Spotlights.

Cst. Mike Seel of the regional police service in Saskatchewan told the SGI that he has personally written out more than 1,000 tickets for distracted driving this year.


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