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Toronto, Ontario -- November 19, 2018 -- The British Columbia bait car program is causing joyriders to think twice.

B.C. auto crimes police released a video this week from the bait car cam of three car thieves that stole a car and thought they had gotten away with it.

A bait car is a vehicle intended to be stolen, with the features of an interior video surveillance and an engine that can be switched off at the click of a button when police are ready to arrest the culprits. Operated by the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (IMPACT), it is now the largest bait car fleet in North America.

The video that was posted this week by IMPACT, happened in 2014. The driver was a male in his mid-20s alongside two female passengers speeding to a McDonald’s drive-thru

“We look good in this one, baby!” says a woman in the passenger seat. “I’m so excited right now. Like, my life just got so much better.”

In the video they pull up to the McDonald’s drive-thru, ordering two Junior Chickens, three McDoubles and a root beer.

“This is gangster… And we have almost a full tank,” says the woman before reaching to turn the radio on. 

But when the vehicle stopped running, the driver knew something was up. “Oh yeah, we’re in a bait car,” he says.

“Are we? You’re lying,” says the passenger.

“We should just get out, tell them our car died,” the driver suggests.

The police showed up minutes later arresting the bandits, where they were convicted on charges of possession of stolen property.

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