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Toronto, Ontario -- November 15, 2018 -- In this week’s believe it or not we have a few amazing stories to share with you, which include a first-generation Subaru Forester that made it to one million kilmetres and a man caught with a lion cub in a Lambo, plus much, much more.

One Million Kilometres

Imagine driving one million kilometres in your vehicle. Well, musician Jerner Jung from Slovenia did exactly that in his first-generation Subaru Forester he bought on a friend’s recommendation back in 1998. To put it into perspective, one million kilometres is equivalent to driving 25 laps around the world. Jung remembers that he was driving in his hometown of Ljubljana when his odometer clicked round and got stuck on 999,999 kilometres. "I was constantly checking the odometer because I thought it would be automatically restarted to 0 kilometres. So, I took pictures before because I expected no one would believe me. To my pleasant surprise it got stuck at 999,999 kilometres." After owning the vehicle for two decades and driving it through all kinds of weather, it has never broken down. "I always paid attention to its regular maintenance and this car still retains about 70 percent of its original parts to this day." This caught the attention of Subaru, where the president and CEO Masamichi Kudo congratulated Jung on taking such good care of his Subaru.

A Lion in a Lambo

A 33-year-old man was taken into custody for having a lion cub in his Lamborghini. But why would you want to have an animal with sharp nails in your very expensive vehicle? Well, as it turns out, the vehicle didn’t actually belong to the driver. It was a rental. After police took the man into custody, they turned the lion over to an animal rescue foundation, 30 Million Friends Foundation.

Toyota Rewards Hero With A Truck

The death toll is rising in California from the deadliest series of wildfires in the state's history. In response to a very heroic story, Toyota is giving Allyn Pierce, a nurse who oversees the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital in Paradise, California, a new Toyota Tundra. Pierce and his fellow colleagues reportedly went out in his truck, driving through the fire multiple times to bring as many people as possible to safety. In doing so, Pierce risked his life. In one scary scenario, he found himself gridlocked in unmoving traffic, with the fires spreading around him. After recording a message to his family, however, Pierce was suddenly given an opportunity to escape when a bulldozer cleared the way for cars to move. After Pierce survived this, a New York reporter tweeted the story with photos. After someone else saw the story on twitter, they tweeted about the post to Toyota, in which Toyota responded by saying, “Hi Alan, good news — we are honored he risked his life and Tundra to save others, so we’re giving him a new truck.”

Canadian Band Crashed

Calgary band Reuben and the Dark was driving along winter roads recently, when their van and trailer rolled off the Trans-Canada Highway near Banff National Park. The band posted an account of their harrowing highway crash near Field, B.C., after they left Vancouver for Toronto last week. The lead singer reportedly said that no one was seriously hurt but their vehicles were totalled. The trailer broke open, which sent a lot of their gear across the road, damaging the instruments. The band was trapped in the van for a few minutes until rescuers could remove the windshield.


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