By CRM Staff 

Toronto, Ontario -- November 12, 2018 --Quebec veterans will now be honoured on Canadian roads with specially designed licensed plates after Francois Bonnardel, minister of transport, gave the mandate to Quebec’s automobile insurance board SAAQ.

The new authorization made by Bonnardel, which will affect the roughly 60,000 veterans in Quebec, will consist of a unique design on license plates to honour the contributions of these veterans.

Since 2005 veterans in Quebec have been recognized with a small poppy design placed on their license plates.

The new announcement comes to the delight on many veterans in the province including Pierre Dugal, a spokesperson for the committee of veterans that has been advocating for changes to the plates for over a decade.

"It's a great recognition for those who have sacrificed their lives," he told CBC News.

What the design will look like is still unclear, but the government is asking for recommendations from veterans and members of the community. Dugal’s committee has already prepared a list of suggestions, including a request for the words “veterans” and “former combatants” to be included.

The Coalition Avenir Quebec is following through on their campaign promise to fast-track the creation of these new plates, something that has been a pleasant surprise for Dugal.

"We have no words to describe the speed of execution."


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