By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- November 8, 2018 -- Collision Repair has prepared some unbelievable stories for you this week which include, a slaughter house spill, an incredible survival story, and much, much more!

A 'Bloody' Mess

The driver of a Sanimax transport truck carrying pig parts slammed on his brakes when he was cut off, which resulted in the animal guts spilling all over the road and sidewalk as well as hanging from trees nearby. In which the next day there was a mess that was described as a scene from a horror film. A witness said that there were “intestines, animal remnants, stomach, lungs, hearts splattered all over the street.” You can imagine the smell was not pleasant either. Residents around the area of the plant are not too happy and want workers to be more careful with its shipments, saying sealing off trucks with a simple tarp thrown over the load is not enough.The company has received nearly $800,000 in fines for infractions in the past — fines that the company is fighting in court.

Self-Driving Cars Making an Entrance Very Soon

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, seems to be confident that he will be able to release self-driving vehicles within the next year. "I don’t want to sound overconfident, but I would be very surprised if any of the car companies exceeded Tesla in self-driving, in getting to full self-driving … They’re just not good at software. And this is a software problem," said Musk in a reported interview with Forbes. Last week he announced that he is releasing a new feature to Teslas… 

Lincoln SUV Chimes A Symphony

Drivers of Lincoln Aviator SUVs might hear a musical chime when they don't fasten their seatbelt or properly close the door. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra recorded sounds for the Lincoln vehicles. Specifically, they recorded three musicians from the symphony playing short bursts of sounds. They weren’t given music sheets to play from; Lincoln representatives simply described what they wanted the overall mood to feel like.

Surving The Desert 

A woman driving along the U.S. 60 highway crashed and ended up staying in her car for days before someone found her. An Arizona transportation worker suspected something wasn’t right when he saw a damaged fence along a highway. He figured it must have been a car that went off the road and down to the bottom of the hill. With help from an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper, the group found a 53-year-old woman curled up in a dry riverbed, seriously injured from the crash and severely dehydrated after spending six days in the desert. She was sent to hospital, and it was unclear how she survived for that long.


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