By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- November 1, 2018 -- Self-driving vehicles are slowly making their way into the automotive industry, and a recent study conducted by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) suggests senior drivers in Canada have taken a strong liking to this innovation. In fact, seniors might develop a leadership role in the transition of the vehicle fleet in Canada.

The study, funded by the Toyota Canada Foundation, analyzed data from a survey regarding the knowledge, attitudes and practices of 2,662 Canadians as well as focus groups with senior drivers.

Seniors possess years of experience with driving, and are said to be the safest drivers. With that being said, Toyota believes they will be leading the transformation of traditional vehicles to automated. 

"It appears that senior drivers are poised to lead the transformation of our country's vehicle fleet," says Toyota Canada Foundation board member, Larry Hutchinson. "They possess important characteristics that make them ideal candidates for safe early adoption of this technology."

Results of the study showed that senior drivers recognize the potential of semi-automated vehicles to keep them on the roads longer and safer.

"Our findings were surprising and showed that older drivers are actually quite receptive to using semi-automated vehicles," said Robyn Robertson, president and CEO of TIRF. "This seems counter-intuitive as the adoption of a new technology is typically more associated with a young demographic." 

Canadians aged 65 years and older currently represent one in seven Canadians. In the next two decades, the population of seniors will grow to more than 10 million and will account for one in four Canadians. 

Hutchinson said, "The TIRF study shows that seniors' ability to adapt to a new vehicle and road environment could help to set standards regarding education and skills that drivers of all ages should possess to safely use increasingly automated vehicles."

Download Senior Drivers & Automated Vehicles: Knowledge, Attitudes & Practices here.



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