Toronto, Ontario -- October 16, 2018 -- In this week's look at the automotive headlines from around the world: Mercedes-Benz enters the electric game, GM struggles with Chinese sales barriers,  Germany hammers VW with fines and much, much more!

1. Old Name joins the new game
Mercedes-Benz Unveils Electric SUV ‘EQC’ at Stockholm.The brand claims to go “all-in” on this Vehicle. In a quip, CEO Dieter Zetsche described the new model as the “Mercedes of Electric Vehicles.”

2. GM’s grim glut
GM faced a rough third quarter, with the OEM seeing a 15 percent decrease in sales compared to the third quarter of 2017. The All-America OEM has credited a fall in demand from the Chinese market as the reason for the sales decline. The decline is likely the result the Trump Administration’s tariffs, and the retaliatory measures taken by China which have raised the price of American vehicles being sold there.

3. The French/Chinese connection
French OEM Renault and the Brilliance Group—a Chinese auto maker—have partnered with the government of Laoining in China. The two automakers, known under their new partnership as Renault-brilliance-Jinbei Automotive, have signed an agreement with government officials allowing them to manufacture three electric light commercial vehicles set to launch in 2020.

4. Paperless payments
Volkswagen announces digitalization of sales by 2020. The German Auto giant is currently developing a new, first of its kind, fully digital system of transactions and customer care network.

5. Audi finds itself in Deutch
The German government has slapped Audi slapped with a £700m fine. After facing charges of breaching Diesel emission rules, parent company VW has announced it accepts responsibility and will pay the fine.

6. Jaguar’s jaws wired shut
Jaguar-Land Rover’s manufacturing facility in Solihull, England, will remain shut for two weeks. UK’s largest automaker is blaming fall in demand as the reason, with China being their most disappointing market.


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