By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- October 11, 2018 -- In this week's believe it or not, futuristic technology takes a ride through Edmonton, Ford patents its very own autonomous vehicle--one that looks like it drove straight out of a video game, and much, much more!


Take a ride in Edmonton’s electric autonomous vehicle 

Self-driving electric vehicles are slowly becoming a reality. Edmonton launched their first electronic autonomous vehicle pilot project on Tuesday referred to as ELA. Residents can go to three different neighborhoods across the city to try the shuttle out during three weeks in October and November. For those concerned about the possibility of robotic road-rage, fear not. The vehicles has a trained operator whose job it is to jump in at the first sign to trouble!


Ford's Futuristic fun

Engadget has reported that Ford has obtained a U.S. patent related to autonomous vehicle technology. The idea? Two driving 'modes' that give passengers the chance to direct the car as if they were playing a video game. The first mimics the tilt-to-steer mechanic from video games such as Real Racing 3, while the second wouldn’t require much involvement - just requiring them to use their fingers to give the car guidance!


Unbelievable accident 

What are the odds that one vehicle lands directly on top of the other in the event of an accident? In Arizona, police and emergency vehicles were alerted to a collision with a pickup truck that landed on top of a car after the truck was hit by another vehicle. Firefighters said that it was a miracle that the two people in the car and the woman driving the pickup weren't injured after the crash!


Bringing Bubble Back

The Isetta - better known as the bubble car - a symbol of cheap and cheerful mobility on European roads in the 50’s-60’s, is making a comeback. Fifty-six years after its invention by two Swiss brothers, Oliver and Merlin Ouboter, the duo are working on a new version of their cute two-seater vehicle. With 7,200 orders already placed on the new model - called the Microlino - swaps out the old single-cylinder petrol engine for a 20 horse power electric motor. The brothers plan to launch the vehicle in December!


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