By Jordan Porter

Toronto, Ontario – October 11, 2018 – Don’t let the price tag fool you - even the most expensive supercars have flaws- as is the case of the 2017 Ford GT. With 647 hp and with a half-million-dollar price tag, owners of the 194 Ford GTs are likely bemoaning news that their vehicles have wound up on a recall list issued by the manufacturer to correct an unfortunate hydraulic leak problem.

“Fluid may leak from the valve block assembly located underneath the rear wing onto the exhaust, causing a fire,” said a Ford spokesperson earlier this week.

The company says that it is aware of one GT lost to the issue, with the high-end vehicle meeting a leak-related fiery end in Germany. While no one was hurt, and there have been no other incidents reported, Ford isn’t taking any chances with its super-luxury model

As Ford only created 250 GT’s in 2017, and the affected ones were built between December 6, 2016 and July 31 of this year. While collision repairers may relish the idea of getting under the hood of such a rare -- and profitable-to-operate-on vehicle, most of the repair procedure will actually be performed by a computer. A software update will be automatically loaded into all the vehicles, which should prevent excessive pressure from building up in the vehicles' hydraulic systems, though some will also require a new check valve, o-rings and filters to be fitted.


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