By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- October 10, 2018 --  For the second time in four months, Axalta has hired a new chief executive officer. Robert Bryant, previously Axalta’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, will now also serve as the company's top executive - a position left vacant by the resignation of Terrance Hahn, the previous CEO.

Terrance Hahn resigned through a mutual agreement with the board following an investigation by outside counsel into conduct by Hahn, however they were unrelated to financial matters which the company believes were inconsistent with their policies. Hahn was also asked to leave his position on the board. He was first appointed for this position back in July of this year.

"I wish the best to Axalta's employees and its leadership," said Hahn.

Chairman Charlie Shaver mentioned that he has worked closely with Bryant for over five years and knows that he possesses the right leadership skills to take on these roles effectively.

Bryant has a strong record of experience taking on roles as executive vice presidents and financial officers. He has been working as the executive vice president and chief financial officer since 2013, and previously has worked as the chief financial officer and senior vice president for Roll Global LLC. 

"I deeply appreciate the vote of confidence from Charlie and the Board. The management team at Axalta is resilient -- we will work tirelessly to put this distraction behind us and focus on delivering outstanding products and customer service," said Bryant.



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