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Toronto, Ontario -- September 20, 2018 -- In this week’s segment of the believe it or not BMW released a video of their very own self-driving motorcycle, theres also another autonomous vehicle coming to the future that will deliver food, and say goodbye to the Volkswagen Beetle after 80 years.

Volkswagen squashes Beetle 

Say good-bye to the old vintage Volkswagen Beetle as it has finally come to an end. Volkswagen announced they are no longer making anymore as of next year. For the past 80 years the buggy has served as one of the most popular vehicles at one point. It was the vehicle that the Nazi’s used to ride around in during the 1940’s and then served as the vehicle to drive in during the 60’s in the Woodstock era. It even made a famous screen appearance in Herbie Fully Loaded. With the incline in electric and more efficient vehicles, the beetle has declined because the motoring is needed to be “bug free”.

BMW has come up with a self-driving motorcycle

BMW Motorrad has been working on a special project for more than two years. They have been putting together a self-driving motorcycle. Developed by graduate engineer Stefan Hans and his team, the vehicle independently drives off, accelerates, circles a winding test track and independently slows down to a stop. The goal of this project according to BMW is to help inattentive drivers in dangerous situations. “we wanted to improve motor-cycle safety,” Hans said. With this forward-thinking development, BMW Motorrad, as a driver for technical innovations in the field of motorcycling, is by no means aiming for a completely independent motorbike.The aim of the prototype is to gather additional knowledge with regards driving dynamics in order to detect dangerous situations early on and thus support the driver with appropriate safety systems while turning at intersections or when braking suddenly, for example.

Autonomous food delivery vehicle

Another self-driving vehicle of the future has been in the works but not for just transporting people. French carmaker Renault SA revealed the EZ-Pro, an autonomous vehicle that will deliver food to your place late at night or parcels to your office during the day. The vehicle it 16 feet long and seven feet wide and has doors that open up from the side where the food or parcels will be stored. It looks like a large, long grey robot, on moving square looking wheels.

Car spontaneously combusts

A driver in a Mitsubishi Lancer was driving on the Champlain Bridge in Montreal when all of a sudden, the front of the vehicle started smoking and combusted into a fire. There wasn’t an accident or collision prior to this incident and there were no injuries either. It is unknown as to what caused the fire to randomly happen to the vehicle.

DEA plane crashes into Tesla

A local business owner was driving around in Houston, Texas when an airplane from the Drug Enforcement Agency crashed into his Tesla Model X. The pilot of the aircraft attempted to land on the road, and during the daring maneuver, the plane clipped several power lines and struck several vehicles. The pilot escaped harm, but one person involved in the accident was injured.


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