By CRM Staff 

Toronto, Ontario – September 7, 2018 -- Glasurit Automotive Refinishes will be hosting its 4 annual "Glasurit Best Paint Award" at SEMA 2018.

The event, presented by Chip Foose, will honour outstanding excellence in auto painting.

The German company is looking for photo submissions showing off world-class elegance and shine that demonstrate what make Glasurit a trusted brand within the collision repair industry.

In addition to photo submissions, the vehicle must also be on display at the 2018 SEMA show.

The car is required to utilize Glasurit 22, 55, or 90 Line products including primer, color and clear.

A restoration expert and long-time Glasurit advocate will be judging the contest.

Photo submissions will of your Glasurit-painted vehicle will be valid until October 24.

For more information visit basfrefinish


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