By CRM Staff 
Toronto, Ontario – Septmeber 3, 2018 -- Valerie Limoges became the first female driver to win a Nissan Micra Cup race this past weekend at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. 
Limoges originally finished in fourth place, but hours after the race was awarded the win when it was determined that the top three finishers all had cut the course during the race. 
Jake Exton entered the winner circle on day two of the weekend, becoming the first Ontario driver to win a race this season.  After qualifying in the pole position for the first time in his career, Exton battled league point’s leader Oliver Bedard in what was a tightly contested affair. Exton was able to edge out the victory, despite being passed by Bedard midway through the race.  
The Micra Cup will conclude the weekend of September 22 and 23 with the final two races of the season, the Fall Classic, taking place at Circuit Mont-Tremblant. As it stands, drivers Bedard and Kevin King are the only two competitors left in contention to win the league championship. 
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