By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- August 24, 2018 -- At the annual conference in Calgary, Alberta, CARSTAR executives presented three awards to Canadian franchise partners, the Franchisee of the Year, Rookie of the Year and Next Generation awards.

The 2018 Franchisee of the Year award went to Tim and Shelly McKay, the owners behind a four-business operation that consists of CARSTAR Sackville, CARSTAR Chainlake, CARSTAR Upper Sackville and CARSTAR Halifax in Nova Scotia.

According to the franchise, the McKays distinguished themselves with their approach to management, growth and business leadership.  Having joined the network in 2006, the McKays were initially the owners of a single 3,500 square foot facility. 

This year's Rookie of the Year award, which is given in recognition to a new CARSTAR franchisee as it gets “up and running” with CARSTAR in their first year, went to Sebastian Labrie CARSTAR Marcoux Levis in Levis, Quebec.

Labrie and his wife, Maude, purchased an existing CARSTAR location in 2017 and within a year nearly doubled the sales from the previous owners.

It's an honour to receive recognition for all the efforts and hours we've put in the business during the last year," said Labrie. "We could never have done this without our amazing team and qualified technicians."

Key to the new owners success came from the renovation of the facility with the support of CARSTAR's head offices.

"CARSTAR is really dedicated to their franchise," said Labrie. "I've never heard about any banner that offers that much support on any basis of the job."

Labrie credits his wife for her involvement in making the franchise acquisition a successful endeavor. "Maude is my partner in every aspect of my life," Labrie said. "Her rigor, commitment and customer service ability are a big part of this achievement. I could never do this without her."

The Next Generation Award, which honours a second or third generation CARSTAR owner who is excelling at leading a family business, continues to meet high performance standards, participates in key CARSTAR programs like the EDGE Performance Platform, attends conference and is image compliant, went to Joseph Lucarelli, owner of CARSTAR Stoney Creek in Ontario.

CARSTAR credited the honour to Lucarelli's unrelenting optimism in the face of adversity and focus on seeking solutions for challenging situations. 


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