By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario-- August 21, 2018-- Adhesive bonding and in particular, structural adhesives could be replacing the role of welds and rivets. 
Adhesive bonding allows objects to be fastened together like glue. Structural adhesives have been used by many manufacturers due to their superior durability.
They create bonds with load bearing capabilities. Products such as 3M's Next Generation Structural Acrylic Adhesives offer strong impact resistance.
Some of the benefits with using this kind of bonding as opposed to mechanical fasteners includes:
  • A greater design potential - mechanical fasteners can't really operate with the tolerances of light, thin and dissimilar materials. Structural adhesives expand the design potential by bonding together materials that would otherwise be impossible to attach. 
  • Increased productivity - mechanical fasteners can be a lengthy process, but structural adhesives actually eliminates the extra time and equipment that would be used otherwise
  • More durable products - rivets and welds have the ability to leave behind stress points that can cause breakage. Structural adhesives create a strong bond that is unbreakable.


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