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Toronto, Ontario--August 14, 2018-- In the health and safety age, it can be a bit of a grind to make sure that shop professionals are doing their jobs, not just well, but in a way that will keep them in good health, and the businesses equipment in good repair. It is important that remain safe when using any power tools, and to inspect them before they operate them.

Here are some quick safety guidelines, curtesy of Chicago Pneumatic, on how to use a pneumatic grinder safely.

  • With any power tool, it's crucial to take in your surroundings. Make sure that anyone nearby the working area are wearing some protective eye gear. Besides protective goggles it's important to use ear protection, gloves, steel toe-capped shoes, a leather apron, and a helmet. Avoid wearing any loose clothing or accessories.
  • A ventilated area is also necessary when using a pneumatic grinder.  
  • When it comes to the grinder you must check the wheel guard and use the recommended one. It’s important to make sure it isn’t damaged and that it actually has a wheel guard on it.
  • The stated maximum operating speed of the grinding wheel should also be greater or equal to the speed specified on the grinder.
  • The flange and the wheel is another aspect of the grinder. Make sure that they match up to national regulations. Attach the wheel with the recommended torque. Always disconnect the air-supply when changing the wheel or adjusting the tool.

Take note that you shouldn’t be using the grinder if there are any strange noises, and you shouldn’t dismantle any safety-related parts like the speed governor the speed shut off!

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