Newfoundland and Labrador has started a social media hashtag to promote seatbelt safety.
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario – July 30, 2018 -- Newfoundland and Labrador is using the hashtag ‘BuckleUpN-L’ to raise awareness for seatbelt safety. The province is asking everyone to share posts, pictures and videos encouraging safe driving and buckling up, as reported by the Canadian Underwriter.  
The initiative comes in response to the Newfoundland and Labrador RCMP releasing statistics that showed one-third of collision fatalities over a five-year span involved those who weren’t wearing a seatbelt. In issuing the information police hope to encourage residents to buckle up, stating that in many cases fatalities can be avoided.   
RCMP Sgt. Oliver Whiffen stated that there is added importance for the campaign, as roadways become more congested with summer travel. 
Not included in those statistics were deaths related to accidents caused by medical conditions such as heart attacks, as well as fatalities in off-road spaces. 


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