By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario -- June 27, 2018 --Brigade Electronics Canada is looking to make roadways a safer place. 
According to research from the World Health Organization, half of the fatalities that occur on the roads each year are at the expense of vulnerable roads users. This term describes pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Of these deaths, many are contributed to driver blind spots. 
Brigade Electronics is looking to control this problem, with the help of blind spot detection technology. 
"Ultrasonic sensor systems are an ideal and cost effective solution for vehicles which operate in confined spaces or move at low speeds,” Henry Morgan, an expert on vehicle safety at Brigade Electronics Canada. “They are designed to fit on the front, front corners, sides and rear of the vehicle, which gives a greater range of detection and provides 'extra-eyes' for the driver. Sensors can also be fitted to driver's steps - an area that can jut out when a vehicle is moving causing even more difficulty.”
The sensors operate by scanning the area around the vehicle using ultrasonic waves to detect any moving or stationary objects, if any are found the device will promptly alert the driver. 


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