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Toronto, Ontario – July 10, 2018 -- Audi Canada is recalling approximately 3,000 vehicles, after the car manufacturer discovered a malfunction with its passenger side airbag sensor. 
Audi estimates that there are 2,672 vehicles that could be affected by the flaw; these models include the A6, A7, RS7, S6 and S7 from 2016-2018. 
Affected vehicles will display an indicator light, which reveals if the vehicle’s sensor has recognized a passenger. If the light turns on, that means the passenger-side airbag is not activated and that a passenger was not detected in it. In this event owners are cautioned to immediately stop using that seat and are cautioned to contact their local dealership for an inspection. 
Audi has not been notified of any fatalities, injuries or damages caused by the defect, according to a company spokesperson. 
Canadian Audi dealers will install a passenger occupant detection system repair kit on faulty vehicles, according to Automotive News Canada. 


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