Toronto, Ontario -- July 9, 2018 -- Collision repairers who are part of the Subaru certification program will soon have to share the percentage of OEM parts used in their repairs with the manufacturer. The information will be collected and used in evaluations of individual shops and of networks as-a-whole. In a statement, a Subaru spokesperson said the exact amount required to satisfy the OEM's desires had not yet been reached.

While collision repairers may be exhasperated by the additional paperwork, it does not seem that Subaru doubts the integrity of their certified shops.

The company has no plans to police the reports filed by certified bodyshops, though it may investigate irregularly frequent repairs performed on supposedly OEM parts.

Last month, EV OEM Tesla released an over-the-air update using wifi. It is expected that, while repairers will have to provide the information to Subaru in the next two years, by 2021, the OEM will likely be able to use a similar system to recieve a digital manifest of any part in any Subaru vehicle.

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