Mitchell held its annual DevCon conference Friday.
By CRM Staff
Conversations impacting the day-to-day life of collision repairers around the globe will take place, but there will be nary a repairer around. On friday, Mitchell International software engineers will attend the company's annual DevCon internal developer conference. 
The conference, which took place in San Diego, was hosted by company CTO Erez Nir. This year’s focus was on quality and security and included speakers with DevOps expertise. 
Priding itself on commitment to both its people and culture, Mitchell uses conferences such as DevCon as a way to further engage its workforce and further inspire innovation. 
“Not only does DevCon help our technology and engineering teams stay on top of the latest technology trends, it’s our way of letting them know how important they are to our company, and to our customers’ companies,” says Nir. 
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