Mike Ash was surprised when his 2016 Acura MDX tried to pull him into an adjacent lane.
By CRM Staff 
When driving home from a windshield replacement, a Newfoundland man was surprised to discover that the vehicle's lane-assist feature was trying to pull him into the next lane. The problem? The scanning equipment on his vehicle had been disrupted by a recent windshield replacement. 
In an interview with the CBC, the hapless Mike Ash described the feeling of his car trying to drive him into the next lane as 'startling.' In May, Honda issued a statement on the need for recalibrations to be performed following the replacement of windshields and recommended the use of their own glass because third-party glazing was known to disrupt some driver assistance equipment.
Ash's experience could be a wake-up sign for the collision repair industry. While it may be easy to suggest that the fault lays squarely on the shoulders of the glass replacement facility, the concerns about the ADAS system were not entirely overlooked. In his interview with the CBC, Ash acknowledged that the technician who had installed the new windshield did point out that the camera might be affected. 


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