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The new Ultra XL from GFS.
Toronto, Ontario -- June 18, 2018 -- Global Finishing Solutions is making a big statement with the release of its Ultra XL paint booth. 
The Ultra XL, a product from the Ultra paint booth line, features a three-and-a-half metre tall ceiling that is ideal for painting sprinter vans, commercial vehicles and full-sized pickups.
“By redefining our pre-engineered Ultra models, we were able to design the Ultra XL to meet the needs of paint shops that finish a wider range of vehicle sizes,” said Mick Ramis, vice president of automotive refinish sales.
Also included in the Ultra XL Paint Booths is the patented Controlled Airflow Ceiling, which uses primary and secondary airflow zones to create exceptional contamination control. At 1.3 m in height, the ceiling has angled light fixtures and easy-to-use controls make the Ultra XL both a highly diverse and valuable product in the automotive painting industry.  
“With the Ultra XL, shops can take on larger jobs, expand their offerings and potentially increase profits,” said Ramis.
For more information on Ultra XL Paint Booths, visit globalfinishing.com/promos/ultra-xl


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