CARSTAR Brampton West's ownership team, left to right: Frank Sottile, John Vella, Diana Vella.
By CRM Staff
Brampton, Ontario -- June 1, 2018 -- On Thursday, CARSTAR Brampton West held a grand opening ceremony, complete with a ribbon cutting and a pair of novelty scissors.
"I'm just glad the scissors actually worked," says co-owner Diana Vella, who operates the facility with husband John Vella and Brampton CARSTAR owner Frank Sottile. "It felt so appropriate that it took three of us to cut the ribbon - it has really taken all three of us to put this together."
The Vellas had managed the facility as an independent shop for eight years until the beginning of this year, when the CARSTAR conversion began.
"Joining CARSTAR and partnering with Frank has been remarkable - we've had an opportunity to grow in all aspects. Frank's mentorship helped us gain confidence on a business and human side."
For Diana, the opening ceremony was a clear reminder of why she had decided to join the CARSTAR team.
"Words can't really describe the feeling of having my friends, family and CARSTAR family celebrating together," she says. "It was both memorable and surreal!"
The ceremony also provided Diana with the perfect opportunity to reflect on all the changes her business had gone through over the last few months, and to think about what advice she would offer to anyone looking to grow a business within the collision repair industry.
"I used to be very focused on numbers. I would always feel badly if I reached a life goal a few months later than I intended," she says. "The truth is, things will happen when you are ready. It is important to dream big, work hard and recognize that opportunities will come along at the right time."


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