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The I3 car shells, pictured above, will be present at the event for guests to check out.
By CRM Staff
Edmonton, Alberta -- May 30, 2018 -- A BMW Canada Event will be held at Doug’s Place Strathcona in Edmonton, Alberta from 5-7 pm. Those interested in attending are welcome to join as long as they RSVP by June 1. 
Jack De Sena, co-owner of Doug’s Place comments, “We just received the I3 car shell as a prop for everyone to check out at the event.” 
As well, a few vehicles will be on site for attendees to view, along with some new technology that can impact reparability, according to De Sena.
Paul Bird and Gary Lin from BMW Canada will be there as keynote speakers. Food and drinks will be available, as well as door prizes.
To RSVP, contact Jack De Sena at 780-439-3665 x 401.


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