Bryce Conrad, president and chief executive officer, Hydro Ottawa; Louis Tremblay, president chief executive officer, FLO.
By CRM Staff
Ottawa, Ontario -- April 24, 2018 -- Hydro Ottawa recently announced a new partnership with Canada's largest electric vehicle (EV) charging provider, FLO, to pilot one hundred 'level two' charging stations with residential customers in Ottawa. The announcement was first made at the EV/VE 2018 Conference and Trade Show, and indicated an increasing consumer interest in EVs. 
Bryce Conrad, president and chief executive officer, Hydro Ottawa, comments, "As Ottawa's local electricity provider we are in a unique position to help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Ottawa. This pilot project with FLO will allow us to learn the impacts of EVs and charging stations on our electricity grid, helping us pave the way to better support electric vehicles in Ottawa."
Louis Tremblay, president chief executive officer, FLO, comments, "Accommodating the growing demand for electric vehicle charging represents an opportunity for utilities as the majority of EV charging happens at home. The connectivity of our products allows utilities to future-proof their assets and reduce pressure on the grid. We're proud to support Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan through this initiative, and greatly look forward to working with other North American utilities to deploy similar solutions."
Expected to be rolled out in the coming months, the project intends to help the utility understand residential EV demands on the electricity grid. 
Hydro Ottawa will be responsible for recruiting pilot participants, marketing the pilot project and managing the installation of all charging stations. Meanwhile, FLO will make available up to one hundred FLO Home X5 charging stations throughout the term of the pilot. It will also provide varios software services, including real-time monitoring, reporting and analysis of infastructure impacts, and conducting demand response events as well as determining integration with renewable resources.


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