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The BBB Industries team accepting their award.

By CRM Staff

Montreal, Quebec -- April 4, 2018 – NAPA recently announced the winner of its 2017 Supplier Excellence award: BBB Industries. BBB Industries provides replacement parts for personal and commercial vehicles and specializes in the manufacturing and reconditioning of alternators and starters.

“BBB Industries stood out in 2017 due to the quality of its products, the support it provided our stores when it came to sales and promotion and reliability in terms of supply,” said Tom Hunt, vice president of product development at NAPA Canada. “BBB Industries is a remarkable business partner that significantly contributed to our success in 2017.”

Matt Knott, vice president major accounts, BBB Industries commented, “On behalf of the 5,000 employees at BBB Industries, we are honoured to receive the distinguished 2017 NAPA Supplier Excellence award. Our partnership with NAPA Auto Parts has grown over a short period of time and to be recognized at this level is truly humbling.”

To find out more about the company, please visit bbbind.com.


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