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By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario -- March 27, 2018 -- Last week, CRM embarked on a new mission: to build an online platform where the collision repair community could speak their minds about the issues facing the industry without fear of retribution. The Stand Up, Speak Out forum is now live.

To do this, we approached the community with the idea for a forum allowing for free and open conversation. Having read through the many responses from our survey, we have created this online platform for frank discussion.

For those curious about the responses, they have now been posted on the very same forum they helped create. Fair warning, CRM has not filtered these results, and they do not necessarily represent the views of the magazine. To become a part of the conversation, please visit collisionrepairmag.com/forum.

We invite everyone to use this tool to anonymously share their thoughts, to say the things they would otherwise be unable to, and to kickstart conversations repairers have spent too long hiding from.


Click here to see and/or join in the comments.




Constant Contact Survey Results    
1. Do you think it is important for collision repairers to have a platform where they can freely discuss issues and concerns?
    Number of Responses Response Ratio
Yes, collision repairers do not have the ability to speak about some concerns without risking their livelihood or reputation. 61 88%
No, repairers should feel comfortable to speak candidly already. 7 10%
Other 1 1%
No Responses 0  
Total 69 100%
2. Do you worry about how personal views would impact your relationship with any of the following? 
    Number of Responses  
Insurers 58  
OEMs 18  
Manufacturers 10  
Recyclers 4  
Collision Repairers 22  
Shop Employees 15  
Banners 22  
Other 5  
3. Have your own opinions about the industry gotten you in trouble with any of the following groups?  
    Number of Responses  
Insurers 30  
OEMs 2  
Manufacturers 2  
Recyclers 2  
Collision Repairers 8  
Shop Employees 5  
Banners 6  
Other 10  
4. If you could participate in a discussion about the collision repair industry without risking backlash, what would you discuss?
Please see the 54 responses live on the forum at collisionrepairmag.com/forum
5. Would you benefit from having access to an anonymous forum where opinions could be shared without risk of backlash?
    Number of Responses Response Ratio
Yes, I would like to see this created and used. 56 85%
No, I have no use for this type of community forum. 3 5%
Other 7 11%
No Responses 0 0.0%
Total 66 100%


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