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Anthony Iaboni and father Giuliano Iaboni. Anthony was first introduced to the auto repair industry through his father’s plastic bumper and fender remanufacturing business.

By CRM Staff

Peterborough, Ontario -- March 21, 2018 -- In recognizing the unusual number of family businesses within the collision repair industry in Canada, the next issue of Collision Repair magazine will focus on running a business with family.

To properly acknowledge as many collision repair family businesses as possible, we are currently in search of photos of you and your family working away, your children playing in the shop or your partner helping out on the floor. The photos will be featured in print, in the April issue.

Please send your photos or inquiries to erin@mediamatters.ca. Make sure to identify the names of all the people that appear in your photos, and keep your eyes peeled for the April issue!


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