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The LAUNCH product booth at the event.
By CRM Staff
Burnaby, British Columbia -- March 14, 2018 -- Last month, Collision Repair magazine announced Color Compass was hosting a diagnostic scanning event. The event has since been held, and we’ve got the scoop on what went down direct from Color Compass. 
“The response from attendees of the show has been extremely positive. Feedback from those who already purchased the units often said they were unaware the scanner could complete all the functions it can. There have also been requests for the advanced training modules already. Demo requests for the scanners are high, with a week wait or more currently,” says sales manager Sean Skoropat, White & Peters.   
Going into the event, many shops had already expressed an interest in the scanning equipment and the discussion surrounding it. In fact, extra chairs had to be brought in to accommodate a larger than expected crowd, at almost 100 shop owners and techs who were in attendance. 
Those present included existing users of the scanning technology, looking to learn more about the tool’s functionality, and new buyers looking to compare with other diagnostic equipment. “Some shops who were comparing scanners have opted to order the LAUNCH tech based on what they saw during the presentations,” says Skoropat. 
The presentation showcased many of the tool’s features, including its remote tech access. The presenter connected to the vehicle and completed the initial report and functionality tests from his scanner while the tech watched and assisted in the vehicle. During the live scanning presentation, one of the scan techs stood across the street to demonstrate the range of the Bluetooth connector, activating the lights and horn on the vehicle from his distant vantage point.
The presentation went through the three training modules set to be run at Color Compass University in April. Each of the modules explores the different levels of functionality of the tool and works through the more advanced testing, diagnosis, sensor re-learns and recalibrations.
Skoropat concluded, “Overall, to have such a good turnout when many shops are experiencing equipment overload shows us that the need for these types of events is there. Collision repair is rapidly evolving and equipment sophistication increases alongside. After sales support, training is key to ensure the shop realizes the full potential of the investment and that customer confidence in the brand remains high.”


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