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The new 2019 GM Sierra Denali.
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario -- March 8, 2018 -- General Motors has recently released the preview for its 2019 Sierra Denali model, featuring an all-new carbon fibre bed option. 
This announcement brings a new battle to the truck arena, though is not as widely confusing as Ford’s use of aluminum beds. Carbon fibre is a much stronger and lighter material than both steel and aluminum. The material is more commonly used in higher-end models and sportscars because it is more expensive than more mainstream metals. For consumers, this will likely mean a price bump to match. 
This, of course, means that repairers will soon have another new material to master repairing, while many are still adjusting to the tools required for aluminum repairs on trucks like the F-150. The pickup truck wars have been waging for years now and it seems motor vehicle companies will look to potentially any material that will give them an edge over the competition when it comes to fuel efficiency. 
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