By CRM Staff
Peterborough, Ontario -- March 8, 2018 -- As reported in a recent Collision Repair magazine story, Just Tyres has released new information that looks into the levels of female representation in the upper executive levels of the world’s top OEMs. 
The overall theme of Just Tyres’ findings was that women are sorely underrepresented in the automotive industry. Women account for a mere 16 percent of the industry as a whole and represent less than 30 percent of the directors and executives in the top ten international OEMs. 
In light of International Women’s Day, this magazine wanted to know more. In an effort to dig deeper, our editorial staff has created a survey to find out what our readers think about the status of women in the collision repair industry.  
Take the survey now and let us know! You can look for the results in an upcoming issue of Collision Repair magazine. 


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