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Susanna Gotsch, director and analyst, CCC.
By CRM Staff
Peterborough, Ontario -- February 14, 2018 -- According to CCC’s January industry trends, the frequency and severity of automotive collisions will continue to grow in the coming years based on national trends. This will maintain the demand for auto repair shops for the foreseeable future, despite the move toward autonomous vehicles.
In the February report, the discussion continued into how the growing technological standards affect repairers. With the boom in new developments, which some are calling the fourth industrial revolution, “companies are positioning themselves to benefit from all of this new technology,” says Susanna Gotsch, director and analyst, CCC. “Huge investments and bets are being made by auto makers, tech companies, insurers and collision repairers.” 
Gotsch goes on to to say that new technologies are changing the way consumers prepare to insure and repair their vehicles in the case of an accident. This will also mean changes for the standard operating procedures in repair shops. 
To read the full report, go to cccis.com.


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